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End of Tenancy Cleaning

End Of Tenancy CleaningGet peace of mind with a deposit return guarantee where cleaning is concerned.Our service comes complete with this to give you the best opportunity to obtain your deposit back in full*. All we need is 48-hours notice. *T's and C's apply. Our deposit return guarantee will only apply if you have fully vacated the property and you do not intend to reside at the property therefore after the clean has taken place.Our End Of Tenancy Cleaning Task ListKitchen - Cleaning all worktops/surfaces to ensure there is no debris or stains. - Cleaning the inside and outside of oven, hobs, extractor fan and extractor filter. - Cleaning the washing machine including soap tray and clearing debris from the rubber seal. - Cleaning the dishwasher and dishwasher filter. - De-scaling and polishing any taps/metalwork. - Cleaning of wall tiles including cleaning grouting where possible. - Cleaning and defrosting of fridge/freezer. - Bins to be cleaned inside and out.  Floors - Sweeping/hoovering/mopping of all hard floors – including the cleaning of grouting where possible. - Shampooing of carpets to be provided at an extra cost.  Bathrooms - Any taps/metalwork will be fully descaled and polished. - Glass shower screens de-scaled, cleaned and polished. - Wall tiles cleaned, including grouting where no damage will occur from cleaning it. - Shower head, shower hose and other bathroom items to be descaled and cleaned. - Mirrors to be cleaned, polished and left smear-free. - Extractor fan to be cleaned where accessible.  General - All woodwork (including skirting, units, chest of drawers, dado rails, curtains rails etc) to be dusted, cleaned and polished. - All upholstery (mattresses, curtains, sofas etc) will be thoroughly vacuumed. - All windows will be properly cleaned with professional equipment on the inside of the property. - Any balconies/outside areas will be swept and tidied. - Removal of rubbish – so long as it is under 3 rubbish bags and there are communal bins nearby to dispose of it.


Greenside Cleaning Solutions

We are a family run business, locally managed and owned with over 10 years experience. We put our clients at the forefront of all we do. We’re passionate about customer service and aim to exceed expectations at every level. Our team of cleaning technicians are trained and experienced in customer service and maintaining health and safety standards. We take pride in our work, in ourselves and you can be assured our staff will present this at all times.


Why choose Greenside Cleaning Solutions

LeadingLeading by example. Setting our goals and standards high, putting us at the forefront of the industry.

Quality Guaranteed
Cutting corners is not an option for us. We ensure everything is completed thoroughly, from the beginning to the end. 

High Expectations
Strive for the top and you’ll reach it. That’s our motto, and our experience. We keep our goals and standards high.


What time slots are available for bookings?Our services are available at 10:00 or 4:00pm Monday - Friday subject to availability. We cannot currently offer precise times. For End of tenancy cleans on other days please make a booking and then get in touch with us via the chat to ask for alternative arrangements. 

Can you carry out a one Off or end of tenancy cleaning service if I am not present?
As long as you can arrange access to your property, we can do the clean.

Do you provide all cleaning materials and equipment needed for the service?
We provide all cleaning materials and equipment needed for the end of tenancy clean.

Do you wash painted walls and ceilings as part of end of tenancy cleaning?
No , we do not wash painted walls and ceilings, we only dust them and remove cobwebs.

Do I have to defrost my fridge- freezer in advance of exit clean?
Please make sure freezer is defrosted one day in advance, as if it is not, it will cost an extra £30 to defrost quickly on the day of the cleaning service.

How many cleaners will turn up on the day? 
The end of tenancy cleaning crews consist of one to four people.

Is carpets and upholstery cleaning part of the end of tenancy service?
Vacuuming only of carpets and soft furnishings is included In the standard end of tenancy cleaning schedule, professional carpet cleaning is also available at an extra fee, at Greenside Cleaning Solutions we pride ourselves in providing highest quality carpet cleaning. 

Greenside Cleaning Solutions Covid-19 safe working practice -MAY 2020

• The cleaners will work alone, or in a maximum team number of 2 and will arrive at your property in separate vehicles if working together. 
• They will maintain safe social distance and work at least 2 metres away from each other. 
• We will give you an arrival time, with a half an hour window either side, to allow for traffic or any other unforeseen circumstances. 
• Ideally, we would prefer if you are able to vacate the property whilst the clean is taking place. If you are unable to leave the property, we would ask that you either stay in one room whilst the staff are cleaning, or, ideally in the garden or outside space (weather permitting, of course ). We ask that you also strictly adhere to the 2-metre rule to maintain safety for all. The cleaners have a legal right to work in a safe environment, and If they feel this is being compromised, they are authorised to leave the premises, after liaising with both the client and the Greenside Cleaning Solutions Management Team. 
• Cleaners will be expected to wear a mask and visor as necessary, as well as gloves. They also carry aprons which they will wear as appropriate. 
• They will use a fresh mask for each clean and change their gloves frequently throughout the clean as appropriate to prevent cross contamination. They will all carry their own hand sanitiser and will wash or sanitise their hands-on entry and exit. 
• Light switches, door handles and frames, and bannisters will be wiped with High Grade Professional Antibacterial spray. Our vacuum cleaner, mop stick and kit box will be sprayed with antibacterial spray before exiting each property and again before entering the first client’s house of the day. That way, you know that it is safe inside your property, wherever you are on the day’s list. Greenside Cleaning Solutions cleaners adhere to COSHH regulations and guidelines to prevent cross contamination, which includes use of appropriate chemicals and regular changing of colour coded cloths for each area. *Please note we may ask if we can split your clean over 2 days if we feel the safe distance can not be maintained in your property in an appropriate working time frame


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